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Current Vs Voltage: How Much Current Can Hurt You?

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Channel: Science ABC
Categories: Health   |   Physics   |   Science  
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Voltage vs current, or sometimes it's current vs voltage; we are constantly trying to understand the differences between these two entities related to electricity. Then, there is sometimes one more entity: resistance. How do these three entities, i.e. current, voltage and resistance play together to cause electric shocks? And more importantly, how much current or voltage can be lethal to you?
Its very important to understand that its not only the current that is fatal to you. Current wont flow in an electric circuit if there is no potential difference between two points. Also, the current has to flow for a long duration at a specific frequency for it to be lethal to humans. The point of contact of the electric shock also plays a key role in determining if the electric shock is fatal. Similarly, the state of the skin (wet skin or dry skin) plays a crucial role as well.
Theres a lot of confusion between current and voltage when it comes to which is lethal, or which is the more harmful one. You may have also heard the saying that its not the volts that kill you, its the amps - what does the phrase really mean? Find out in this video!


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