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Disney Movies That Sneakily Referenced Other Cartoons

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Cartoon Movie References Hidden In Disney Movies That Went Unnoticed!

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and sworn you saw something repeated? Or have you ever watched a Disney movie and gotten a sense of deja vu? We have too! Thats why we decided to put this video together. Today were talking about Disney easter eggs and scene repeaters. If you dont know what an easter egg is, its when creators place little references, symbols, or objects of past films into a movie. For example, in one Moana scene, you can see the magic carpet from Aladdin! Another example can be seen in a picture of Big Hero 6s Aunt Cass cat, Mochi, dressed up like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch! Now, Disney is known for referencing their past films in their more recent movies, and well go over a bunch of them so that you can look out for them the next time you watch your favorite Disney movie. Well look at films like Moana, Big Hero 6, Frozen, Frozen II, Cars 2, Brave, Tangled, and even older Disney movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Keep your eyes peeled for different easter eggs like Hans appearance in Big Hero 6 and the Tangled flower in Moana. Well also talk about scene repeaters, which involve scenes with similar shot composition or framing, like when the creators repeated sequences from Frozen in Frozen II. Be sure to let us know which one surprised you the most down in the comments. Thank you so much for watching!

Turtle Trouble
History Repeats Itself In Frozen
Stitch Cameo
Aunt Cass Ad
Hans is Wanted
Hans Obliterated
Sweet Treats
Princess References in Tangled
Dumbo Costume
Baymax Guest Stars in Moana
Disney Toys in Frozen II
Pumbaa Visits Notre Dame
Mrs. Potts In the Jungle
The Ellie Badge
Magical Flower Power
Magic Carpet Ride to Motunui
Smooth Moves
Moana Meets Crush and Squirt
Ariel in Frozen II
Meridas Car Form


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Written by: Kaylene Jackmore
Narrated by: Emma Love
Edited by: Ed Garcia

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