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Channel: VOLTRON
Categories: Fine Arts   |   Crafts  
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Dave teaches you how to make a paladin armor inspired by Voltron Legendary Defender!

Suit up in this DIY Paladin costume from Voltron Legendary Defender!

Materials Used:
Black Long-Sleeve Shirt (Thrift Store)
Black Pants (Thrift Store)
Black Shoes (Thrift Store)
Black Gloves (Thrift Store)
White Belt (Thrift Store)
2mm White Foam: 2-3 Yards (Craft Store)
2mm Red Foam: 1 Yard (Craft Store)
Duct Tape (Craft Store)
Red Duct Tape (Craft Store)
Blue Duct Tape (Craft Store)
1/2 Inch EVA Foam Floor Mats (Hardware Store)
1/2 Inch PVC Pipe (Hardware Store)
Red Spray Paint (Hardware Store)
White Spray Paint (Hardware Store)
Blue Folder Divider (Left Over)
Hot-Glue, Barge Glue, Scissors, Knife,
Sharpie, Ruler, Heat Gun & a Pen or Pencil

Cut and glue white foam onto the shirt to match the look of the chest piece. Use red duct tape for the logo and red foam for the shoulder pieces. Take a white belt and cut and glue white foam for the side pieces. Use blue duct tape for the buckle in the center. Using more white foam, make multiple cylinders that fit your biceps, forearms, thighs, and shins. Add details to them with red foam, and colored duct tape. Take a pair of black shoes, mask off the soles and the front of them, and then paint the shoes white. For the helmet make some patterns using the technique of aluminum foil and duct tape. Draw out what the helmet should look like, then cut out the patterns and trace them onto EVA Floor mats. Curve them with a heat gun, then glue them together. Paint the helmet white, mask off the white part, then paint the rest red. Add final details to it with blue duct tape and a blue divider. For the sword cut another floor mat into a generic sword shape, trace onto another piece, then layer them together. make a handle with PVC pipe and foam. Paint the sword white and add the details with more colored duct tape. And there you go, finished costume!

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