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Do Animals Understand Death?

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Many species move as a group, but when a member passes, do they grieve their loss? Their communal behavior just might warm your human heart.

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Death Rituals In The Animal Kingdom
"We know humans find some form of value in guarding or watching the bodies of the deceased, but in the first article for his new column, Jason Goldman explains how we are beginning to discover that animals may have similar needs."

What Death Means To Primates
"In November of 2009, National Geographic ran a stunning photograph of a chimpanzee funeral. Sixteen chimpanzees - arrayed behind a wire fence - look on as workers at Cameroon's Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center show them the face of one of their dead companions."

Do Corvids Gather For Funerals?
Research on scrub jays and anecdotal observations of other corvids shows a large reaction to a dead member of their species-
A study just out on "funerals" held by scrub jays has generated a lot of discussion about what these noisy gatherings of jays around fallen members of their species represent or mean.

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