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Double-Sided Flicker X Boomerang - Origami

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Channel: JeremyShaferOrigami
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[Rather Easy] How to fold an origami X-shaped Flicker that flies well and can boomerang if you throw it at the correct angle. It could also be called a Red Cross Flicker, Addition Flicker, Propeller Flicker, Helicopter Flicker or any other name that you like! For this tutorial I used a sheet of printer paper cut square. For an easy flying flicker store your finished model under a pile of heavy books. That will make it more aero-dynamic. It might take some experimentation to get it to fly super well, but I found that if you fly it too much the paper eventually wears out, so you will need to fold it again, which isn't so bad since it's a fun model to fold. There is a way to turn the red cross (as shown in 6:18 ) into a 3-D polyhedral shape that moves sort of like an imperfect polyhedron, but I'll leave that as a riddle for you to experiment with. This model is kind of like an origami ninja star, but it's more like the medical symbol... so when someone gets injured by a ninja star... this is the ambulance model that will come to their rescue!

The group that I showed in the intro and outro was the Structural Origami Gathering, a small group that studies structural origami patterns and kinetic folding forms that could have applications in industry. They collaborate to solve different origami math problems throughout the year, but meet in-person once a year in different cities around the world. This year they met in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to meet up with them at one of their informal evening meetings and got to teach them this model. Some of the participants (pictured in the photo at the end of the video) I've known for many years, namely, Chris Palmer, Erik Demaine and Jason Ku. Jason Ku managed to balance out the middle of the Flicker X by spreading out the internal waterbomb structure into a pinwheel base structure and it still stayed locked! I'll leave that as another riddle for you to try to solve.

Happy folding and happy flying!

-Jeremy Shafer

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