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Entropy: Why is it Predicted to Cause the Heat Death of the Universe?

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Channel: Science ABC
Categories: Astronomy   |   Physics   |   Science  
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Everything that has a beginning must also have an end. While we know the Universe sprung to life 13 billion years ago, we don't know when its illustrious journey will come to an end. What we do know is one of the ways it could happen. We call this plausible ultimate fate of the Universe Heat Death, and entropy is the culprit.
According to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy in the Universe can only increase, and it is this increase that will eventually cause its demise. Entropy is also why we cannot generate infinite energy. But what is entropy? And why should it only increase? How does it prevent us from generating infinite energy? And most importantly, why should its increase lead to the apocalypse? If you're terribly curious, watch our latest video to find out the answers, before it's too late.

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