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Envisioning Chemistry: The Beauty of Flames

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What is the video about?

This video captures many beautiful and extraordinary flames created by Prof. Fei Qi's research team at the Combustion Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Why do they create these flames?

By studying these flames, the researchers want to get a better understanding of the complicated combustion process. They want to know what chemical reactions occur inside the flames, how the flames are affected by gas flow, and what factors determine flame stability.

Why should the general public pay attention to this research?

Since most of our energy comes from the combustion of fossil fuels, a better understanding of the combustion process would improve energy efficiency and reduce air pollution. In addition, future combustion scientists might help to develop a special engine powerful enough to send humans to the Mars.

The BOS team plan to film more beautiful films in research labs

This film is a new beginning. Beauty of Science team hope to collaborate with more researchers to capture the beauty of chemistry in the labs. We hope our new films could give the public a glimpse of the frontier of chemical research and let them appreciate the work of chemists who are striving to create a better and greener future.

For more photos of beautiful flames:

Producers: Yan LIANG, Fei QI
Photographers: Wenting ZHU, Yan LIANG
Editor: Yan LIANG
Researchers: Fei QI, Xunchen LIU, Yi GAO, Lei LI
Students: Guoqing WANG, Liangliang XU, Sirui WANG, Xiaoyuan Yang, Chen FU, Jianyi ZHENG, Zongqiu LI, Haodong ZHANG

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