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Epidemiologist-Designed, No-Sew face Mask to Protect Yourself and Others from Coronavirus COVID-19

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Everyone should wear a mask in public during this pandemic. Our no-sew mask is easily constructed from materials you already own in 10 minutes, and does not contribute to the shortage of masks needed by frontline workers. This video also explains how public mask wearing in South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong contributed to their lower rates of infection.

Step-by-step instructions are available at
Mask design by Hospital Epidemiologist with 30 years of experience: Dr. Christian G. Schrock, MD

Video & initiative sponsored by: (a 501(c)3 public charity)


Why Mask Wearing Matters:
Coronavirus is transmitted in droplets from coughing and sneezing, and has a 2-14 day incubation period. People can be infectious for quite a while before symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath emerge. It can come from the nose of people who have the virus but are not ill and don’t know it. This is called shedding. These viruses can spread to other people without a cough or sneeze and spread the infection. A single person can spread the virus to many others.

A common, important problem is that many people, particularly children and those under 30 years of age, may not become ill at all or only have a mild “cold”. Despite not being sick they are contagious and can spread the coronavirus to others.

In Asia, Everyone Wears a Mask in Public–Whether They are Sick or Not:
Because of the outbreak in China everyone in Hong Kong started wearing masks before the first case appeared locally. The coronavirus did not become widespread there. The Japanese, Singaporean and South Korean governments all recommended that everyone wear a mask. They went a step further and distributed masks for NO COST to residents.

Each of these countries have controlled the epidemic and have had very few cases and deaths in comparison to others like Italy, the US, and Spain. Universal mask wearing by the public in China may well have helped keep their diagnosed cases to less than 90,000 and their total fatalities during the epidemic which has now ended to only approximately 3,000 in a country with 1.4 Billion people.

The Health Care Experts, Physicians, and Scientists in These Countries All Recommend that the Public Wear Masks, and These Practices Continue Even When the Epidemic Seems to be Over:
They recommended the things we are doing in the United States but also made the recommendation that masks should be worn by everyone in public. People who are ill with a fever or respiratory symptoms are told to stay at home unless they have problems that would normally take them to their physician or hospital. Mask wearing was strongly emphasized, made a top priority and in some countries enforced by police.

Yes they had more testing and disease tracing and promptly used quarantine but the mask wearing may be the key to their success.

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