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Even Sharks Fear This Slimy Fish, and You Should Too!

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Living at depths of up to 5,000 feet, the Hagfish is one of the strangest creatures in the ocean. And theres plenty on the list! The Goblin Shark, Sea Spiders, Red-lipped Batfish, and even people swimming during winter! Although it looks like an eel, this fish belongs to the Agnatha species. Terrifying monsters with disk-shaped, suction-cup mouths filled with spiraling rows of teeth!

Hagfish have 2 tongues, 4 hearts, and no eyes or stomach. Like something from another planet! And what sets them apart from anything on this planet, is that they have a skull but no spine! They dont have bones either. That unique spineless skull is made entirely out of cartilage. But scaleless with skin that seems to fit them like an oversized holiday sweater, itd be a mistake to think this frail little creature would be an easy dinner.


Preview photo credit:
Korea Busan Haeundae Market Inshore hagfish: By Junho Jung/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Nov. 29. 2016 photo provided by the US Navy shows Dr. Ryan Kincer demonstrates the elasticity of the authentic Pacific hagfish slime at Naval Surface Warfare Panama City Division in Panama City Fl.: By Ron Newsome/US Navy/AP/EAST NEWS,
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