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Everything You Need To Know About Avocados

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Avocados are a fan favorite fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit) and can be paired with just about anything. But are they good for you?

Is Health Food Making You Fat? -
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Ask Well: Are Avocados Good For You?
"Several clinical trials have reported that diets that incorporate avocado may help lower levels of L.D.L., or "bad," cholesterol, because the fruit contains plant sterols called phytosterols that compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestines. One small clinical trial found that women with Type 2 diabetes who followed a diet rich in monounsaturated fats, including those from avocados, had lower triglyceride levels."

Holy Moly! No Guacamole? CA Sees Avocado Shortage
"Not only has California's historic drought taken a toll on the fatty fruit, Mexican growers are striking to raise the price of avocados, which halted imports to the U.S. Normally, about 40 million pounds of avocados are transported from Mexico to the U.S. per week. Two weeks ago, only about 13 million pounds arrilifrved, according to the San Diego County Farm Bureau."

When It Comes To Avocados, Which Is It: Hass Or Haas?
"It turned out that it was a very productive tree, and produced excellent tasting avocados. His children preferred the taste of the Hass tree's fruit to that of the Fuerte, the predominant variety and industry standard in those days. And consumers did too, while grocers favored it for its durability and longer shelf life."


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Written by: Jules Suzdaltsev

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