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Exposing the Most Popular Tricks and Illusions That Surprised the Whole World

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Illusionists are like wizards in a world where magic doesn't exist. We fall in love with magic as children, when we first visit a circus or an amusement park, and then we continue to enjoy magic tricks throughout our lives. What other profession in the world can make adults and even the most serious people feel like innocent children who believe in miracles? None! And although there are many illusionists in the world, it is not a simple job; but some artists manage to bring their illusions to a whole new level. Their tricks are so intricate that you cannot believe what you are seeing. Their imagination and fantasy have no limits, and their skills are unparalleled. But in the end, these masters of magic are... only human. And even their most amazing tricks have a rational explanation. And that's what we're going to show you today. Make yourself comfortable, because we're going to reveal the truth behind the most famous illusions in history.

00:00 - Welcome!
01:03 - Lipstick in palm
03:08 - Anti-gravity lean
04:43 - Bullet catch
06:45 - Levitation
08:07 - Self-tying shoelaces
08:51 - Secret cards

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