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Fast Radio Bursts Probably Aren’t Aliens, BUT We Haven’t Ruled It Out

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Channel: Seeker
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Scientists have taken a closer look at the source of those mysterious fast radio bursts you’ve heard about, and they have some new theories.

An Interstellar Asteroid Just Flew Past Earth, Here’s What You Need to Know -

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Astronomers Find a Spectacular Source For Those Mysterious Repeating Space Signals
“Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of our Universe's most confounding mysteries - but astronomers may have just figured out the incredible environment where one of the most famous and well-studied FRBs is coming from.”

Not So Fast: Mystery Radio Bursts Far From Solved
“Evan Keane, a project scientist at the Square Kilometer Array Organization, and colleagues authored the original paper that claims to narrow down the source location of an FRB by tracing what they interpreted as the afterglow of whatever caused the FRB. But another group, led by Peter Williams, a postdoctoral astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, claims it could just be the belches of a monster black hole.”

Mystery Fast Radio Burst Caused By Flashing Black Hole
“These energetic eruptions seem to pop up in random locations in the cosmos and they appear and disappear in a matter of milliseconds, making them exceedingly hard to pinpoint. Until February, only a handful of definitive FRB signals had been uncovered in archival radio data.”

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