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FIRE IN A WATERFALL !? Eternal Flame Falls

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This video is all about a mysterious flame that burns constantly located underneath a waterfall! In order to get to the bottom of this science mystery we have to go to Upstate New York!

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In New York and much of the eastern United States there is natural gas trapped under sheets of sedimentary rock called shale
Natural gas is natural hydrocarbon gas that is mostly comprised of methane. It’s formed when decaying animal and plant matter are exposed to intense heat and pressure under the Earth’s surface over millions of years. The energy that the plants originally obtained from the sun is stored in the form of chemical bonds in the gas. So basically natural gas is plant energy 2.0
In this particular spot there is an opening in the shale that goes from the surface all the way to a reservoir of natural gas somewhere deep underground. Some time back on date that no one knows this flame was lit and continues to burn… even under a waterfall!
The flame has been known to go out, but enough tourist visit that it continuously get’s relit… hence the name ETERNAL FLAME FALLS

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