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Fire Log With Chemicals - YouTube Fireplace

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 Chemistry   |   Science
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This chemistry-style "Yule Log" is designed to enjoy (maybe in the background) over the festive period --- The good people from Chromecast supported the making of this video --- Why not warm up your holidays by casting this YouTube Fireplace from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV using Chromecast. Learn more at


1. Music by Alan Stewart - Alan played the music in one take while watching the video for the first time! Alan:

2. The ethanol demonstration was intended to show the liquid would burn without damaging the object we doused. We chose a currency note because everyone is familiar with it - knows what is made from, feels like, etc. And they would know it is not a trick substance. There was no intent no cause any damage - just educate and entertain.
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3. The Potassium Nitrate - which also didn't go the plan - was designed to reveal a message on the paper - you should still be able to see it! (periodic videos loves to share all our demonstrations with you - even when they don't quite work or fail completely - you can learn much from so-called "failures")

4. The video was filmed in Neil's fume hood - where else?

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