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First Alice In Wonderland film ever made (1903) - With new soundtrack

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We put a new soundtrack to the first ever Alice In Wonderland film from 1903.

This rare film, of which only one copy exists, is the first movie adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'.

It was directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, and features special effects groundbreaking at the time. Shots include Alice shrinking in frame or appearing next to a floating Cheshire Cat.

If that sounds bizarre, it's a fair reflection of the book.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is a ridiculous tale, unusual and confusing. It's a classic example of a style of writing called literary nonsense that would influence fantasy writers for generations to come.

It's weirdness fuelled rumours in the 1960's that Lewis Carroll wrote the book under the influence of drugs, either opium or laudanum.

It's a tempting theory - after all the story has Alice eating 'magic' mushrooms and meeting hookah smoking caterpillars.

However, most experts agree that while the tale is weird, it is simply excellent fanciful writing and there is no evidence to suggest Carroll was a drug user.

There was a dark side to Carroll though. He suffered from a strange disorder that caused him to have hallucinations which made him feel bigger or smaller than he was. The disorder so clearly features in the story that it became known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

It only explains some of the oddity though, and there is plenty to go around. Maybe that's just why we love it.

We loved the film so much we've added a strange and lilting soundtrack to add a new layer of weirdness to this classic film.

We hope he would have liked it.


Alice In Wonderland, 1903 PD-US

The Kids Old Record Player, A Classical Piano Recital,
Heartbeat, Action Movie Music Score
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Reign Supreme, Tempting Secrets, Call to Adventure,
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Ancient Secrets, Licenced by

Chopin Fantasie Impromtu, PD-US

Music Editor
Al Paton

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