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Fractions Songs For Kids Collection: One New Song For Subscribers At the End

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Enjoy the best fractions videos for kids on the web that include musical lessons on Dividing, Multiplying, Simplifying, Reducing, and Equivalent Fractions

Why we make these videos:

There's not a much better way to learn your multiplication tables than through song! Having grown up being entertained by SchoolHouse Rock videos on PBS, I'm so excited to be able to recreate the joy of musical math learning for the next generation!

Thank you so much for taking the time to show your interest by expanding the description. Welcome!

Here's a short synopsis of each of our songs:


With the added touch of a Latin video in the musical track, equivalent fractions will be easy to understand - it's just an added bonus that the music and animations are hard to beat in their level of awesomeness.

Freely stream the song on YouTube, and see if you agree with us that it is the best original song about equivalent fractions in the world.


Did you know that scientists now agree that there was a dinosaur called the Brontosaurus? Does that have anything to do with multiplying fractions? You'll have to watch this video to find out. This song's got a catchy chorus and some pretty clever lyrics that will capture the attention of every student in your class.


Put your pencils down for a few moments and join us on the beach at our favorite sea-side pizzeria to learn about dividing fractions in real-life situations.

We all know that kids who are friends love to share food, so what better way to learn about dividing fractions by whole numbers than through sharing two of the best foods there are: pizza and chocolate!


Barney's sinister green brother goes underwater in this video to chase submarines which are affixed with fractions that display simplified fractions and their unsimplified pair. Meanwhile, on land, numbers are being catapulted into the skyline where they fall down as parts of a fraction in its lowest term. Your students will love this cute little video about simplifying fractions!


What does performing in a garage band and doing bike tricks have to do with learning how to find the fractional part of a whole? According to this song, a lot! Watch and find out how we can apply multiplying fractions by whole numbers to everyday good times and fun!

We also recommend checking out Math Antics for supplementary explanations on each fraction concept in lecture form.
Here is a link to his excellent math tutorial on fractions:

Also, please check out other Fractions videos like the one from Flocabulary here:


We make animated math videos and educational songs for kids that bring joy back into math class and make it cool again! Up until today, we have created nearly 30 animated music videos that cover mathematical concepts for 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade; concepts like, Rounding Numbers, Ordering Decimals, Subtraction, 3D Shapes, Types of Angles and much more!

We're curious to see how our teaching resource will be used now that we have shared them with a broader audience. Thanks for your interest.

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