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Freaky Flowers 3 - Timelapse

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Hello! Here's a new compilation of what I feel are my best timelapses of Echinopsis cactus flowers blooming from the 2015 blooming season. A dozen new hybrids are featured ... hybrid names and flower size details are provided at the conclusion of the video. Each clip in the compilation shows 8-10 hours of flower blooming action compressed into a few seconds. Echinopsis flowers bloom at night and typically last just a day before wilting. Learn more at

The audio track for this video is "The Loft" courtesy of O$P$. Learn more at

These timelapses were shot with a Canon 6D. Most were shot with Canon's excellent 100mm Macro Lens. Some with a Canon 35mm lens (also super). I shoot in a light tent in my "studio" (a small bathroom that doesn't get to serve its traditional purposes during blooming season). I use LED panel lights primarily. As you would expect, I shoot RAW and then edit in Lightroom and compose the video in Photoshop and/or Final Cut Pro.

I'm often asked if use editing software to juice up the colors of these flowers. In fact, I use it to do just the opposite. The real life colors of most of these flowers are so intense/so vibrant that images of them are always oversaturated and look mushy (I'm sure there's a better technical term for this, but I don't know what it is). So I use Lightroom to cut the saturation/vibrance of the images back substantially to recover flower detail. Thus, the images you see in this video and my others understate the zaniness of the colors.

Hope you enjoy Freaky Flowers 3! Best wishes! Greg

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