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Glowing Gemstone - World's Largest Faceted Hyalite Opal

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This Magical Glowing Gemstone is called Daylight Fluorescent Hyalite Opal. Under standard UV light these Opals are extremely fluorescent, they glow a bright neon green color, that is easily recognizable, even outside in daylight.

Hyalite gets its Fluorescent properties from an inclusion of trace amounts of contaminating uranium, in the silica structure of the Opal itself, and under UV light Uranium will glow very brightly.

In case you are not aware Uranium is radioactive, the material is not considered hot by radioactive standards, but it is radioactive non the less.

Steve at MoreGems believes this Superman Crest Cut Hyalite Opal is the largest he knows off, most Hyalite Opals are 2-3 carots in size, where as the Superman Crest Cut Gem is 7.27 carots in size.

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