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GOLD Mining In Los Angeles!! (Amazing Finds)

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Channel: Nick Uhas
Categories: Geology   |   Science  
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Ive been wanting to get out of the house and get into nature and so for that reason I wanted to come out to the East Fork of the San Gabriel river, which is only an 1:30 from my house to do one of my favorite things, and that is go GOLD MINING!

Its actually quite surprising there is real gold left to be mined in these particular mountains.

So for today's video were going to see how much gold we can get in a day!

here is how you set up to find gold:

1. You set up this thing called a sluice box in the water (more on how that works in a bit)
2. Then you find what is called hard-pack which is this material of small rocks thats been washed down the river over hundred and thousands of years.
3. You then take this material out and run it through a classifier, this is basically just to remove the larger rocks that wont fit in your sluice box
4. From here you take this material and load it into the sluice box.
5. In the box there are all these small troughs (tiny peaks and valleys) that create zones of low pressure. When heavy materials like gold wash over these areas they sink to the bottom of the valley. The gold will sit there and not wash away so when youre done putting in material you can look down and see the gold you found!

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Production Team:
Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas
Crew: Kaleb Seaton
Best Girl: Opal Roo (the dog)

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