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Green Hydrogen Is Sparking a Revolution in Sustainable Energy

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Hydrogen, an already viable substitute for fossil fuels, has been struggling to gain traction for years. But that could soon change, thanks to Europe's ambitious targets for scaling up green hydrogen production.
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Green Hydrogen can be pulled out of said water using electricity in a process called electrolysis. Using electricity from wind or solar power could vastly cut down on how much carbon dioxide the whole process creates. While green hydrogen can be more expensive than gray or blue hydrogen. Which is why the European Union imagines natural gas as an important tool for getting to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

However, By improving electrolyzing machines and reducing the cost of renewable energy, green hydrogen could compete with its gray counterpart as soon as 2030. This could completely revolutionize all forms of transportation, especially when it comes to larger vehicles like trucks, busses and ships.

The EU has drawn up a roadmap of the ways green hydrogen could help them hit emissions targets. It could be used to decarbonize the gas grid and deliver heat and power around Europe. Adding it to the grid doesnt require huge upgrades, and energy producers could convert to use pure hydrogen.

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"The possibilities for hydrogen power seemed endless: It could fuel our cars, heat our homes, and even power our airplanes. But today, 175 years after the creation of that first gas battery, the technology has yet to reach its full potential."

Trying to make green hydrogen work in Europe
"Making large-scale green hydrogen production work rests on three pillars: the cost and capacity of electrolyzers, the availability and affordability of renewable energy, and infrastructure development."

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"Battery storage is another example of how scale can unlock cost reductions. Today, BNEF estimates that the average capacity of storage projects sits at about 30 megawatt-hours, a fourfold rise compared to just seven megawatt-hours per project four years ago."


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