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Hand Sanitizing Made Simple, Soapy Washcloth in Bag

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Channel: Bruce Yeany
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Better than Purell. The reason soap is so effective against viruses is that it tears them apart. Coronavirus, like many other viruses, is held together by a fatty shell, a lipid membrane. Soap, by its molecular nature, strips that protective fat layer away from the virus. Quoted from the CDC website.
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Alcohol based hand sanitizers are only partially effective, less effective than soap due to;
1. the small amounts that are used,
2. Alcohol evaporates so quickly that once the liquid is exposed to air, the amount of alcohol is reduced to levels that are not effective
This suggestion is not the most convenient, but I've talked and heard from more than one expert that informed me these would will help and may be more effective than the sanitizers or the wipes.
These are not meant to be made and stored over long terms. Best suggestion is to refresh or remake them when you get to a chance to wash your hands properly at a sink with running water and soap.

Dish soap may also be used.

MY latest advice: Use alcohol (ethanol) for drinking and use soap for the cleaning. feel free to quote me

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