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Here's What You're Really Eating When You Order McDonald's

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Do we really know what we're eating when we're rushing to grab that quick lunch from McDonald's? Even those salty golden fries are not all as simple as some Idaho russets and scalding hot oil! These are the ingredients you'd be surprised are in the McDonald's food you're eating.

Those McDonald's french fries we all love contain something called sodium acid pyrophosphate, or SAPP. What's that? Well, phosphates aren't that uncommon, and they're used in a lot of baked goods, cheeses, and even breakfast cereals. They're included because they add volume and air, it's the reason those fries have that beautiful, light color. While not entirely questionable alone, too much of this phosphate can lead to issues for those with low bone density or osteoporosis. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, most of us already consume too many phosphates, causing problems with our bones, kidneys, and cardiovascular health.

It's not all bad, though. Sodium acid pyrophosphate not only maintains the golden color in the fries, but it also helps to reduce carcinogens such as acrylamide.

Will eating fries once in a blue moon cause your bones to rapidly deteriorate? No, not likely. But it's probably best not to make McDonald's french fries a part of your regular diet.

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High Fructose corn syrup | 3:11
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