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Here's Why Self-Driving Cars Look So Bizarre

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Today, everyone can be chauffeured! Here's how self-driving cars are designed and how they operate safely on the road.

How Safe Are Self-Driving Cars? -
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Take A Look Inside Google's Cute Little Self-Driving Car
"We've known what the outside of Google's latest self-driving car looks like for more than a year - rounded, compact, and kind of cute - but now we've seen the inside, too. Google brought its prototype vehicles to the Community School of Music and Artsin the company's home town of Mountain View on Saturday, allowing members of the local community to peek inside the automated cars as part of the Paint The Town project. The pictures they took show a surprisingly spacious seating area, no steering wheel, and a chunky, toy-like aesthetic."

Google Patent: Glue Would Stick Pedestrian To Self-Driving Car After Collision
"In a world with self-driving cars, Google envisions the inevitable: accidents involving pedestrians.
But the firm is exploring an unusual solution. Think flypaper.
The company received a patent Tuesday describing a way to reduce pedestrian injuries in an accident with a robotic vehicle. The impact of the crash, Google suggests, would expose a coating that glues the person to the front of the car."


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