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High road low road race, potential kinetic energy Part 2--Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

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Channel: Bruce Yeany
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Updated video on the high road low road track race physics demonstration that I posted previously. In this video I tried to explore or clarify several suggestions and comments that viewers had in the first video. The high road low road track has been a classic demonstration for physics classrooms for years. Two tracks start at the same height and end at the same height,but... is the shortest distance between both ends the fastest route? How about if we add more hills for it to go up and down ? Several sets of tracks shown are good thought provoking exercises in the study of changes form potential to kinetic energy. This video shows some variations that I've added to the original old classic problem that I thought would make it more interesting. Since I am a middle school physical science teacher, I presented this information towards that level of understanding. There is an abundance of more advanced information available here on youtube or online and can be found by doing a search for "high road, low road race track." For example, an in-depth explanation can be found at:

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