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How a Biologist Builds a Digital Camera

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I try to build a camera using evolution, starting with a penny. For Science!

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins:
My primary camera:
Macro Lens (for shots like the eye):

How to find your blindspot:

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Creationists and other evolution deniers often ask how the human eye, in all its complexity, could have possibly evolved. How does something so complicated just happen due to random events? Well, I think the part that people are missing about this case of evolution is that every step along the way is still useful for animals, it contributes to their survival.

In this video I demonstrate that process, and starting with a penny, I create photocells, sensors, cameras, and lenses, as I evolve a digital eye one step at a time. I could have done this in an even more gradual process, to emulate biology even more closely, but i think this is just as illustrative and keeps things under 10 minutes.

I built this with an arduino, some photo-resistors, some resistors, and otherwise pretty basic components that I had lying around my house. Funny enough, this project actually evolved out of wanting to make a video about weird quirks related to the human eye (our blindspot is only one of them), and then eventually somehow it ended up being a video about building a camera. Evolution!

#Evolution #HumanEye

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