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How Airplanes Are Designed To Feel Bigger On The Inside

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Ever wonder why some airplanes feel big on the inside when they're actually small? Engineers use some special tricks to make that happen.

Here's Why Wings Don't Fall Off Airplanes -
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Extreme Engineering: The Boeing 747
"At 31,285 cubic feet (876 cubic meters), the 747-400 has the largest passenger interior volume of any commercial airliner, which is equivalent to more than three houses each measuring 1,500 square feet (135 square meters)."

Boeing 707 Airplane (model)
"The jet airliner offered more than an advance in speed. It revolutionized the cost and comfort of flying. Greatly reduced maintenance costs resulted in lower fares. Smooth flight above most turbulence attracted passengers otherwise wary of flying.

Windows to the world - Doors to Space
"Living in a confined environment as a space habitat is a strain on normal human life. Astronauts have to adapt to an environment characterized by restricted sensory stimulation and the lack of "key points" in normal human life: seasons, weather change, smell of nature, visual, audible and other normal sensory inputs which give us a fixation in time and place. Living in a confined environment with minimal external stimuli available, gives a strong pressure on group and individuals, leading to commonly experienced symptoms: tendency to depression, irritability and social tensions."


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