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How Astronauts Fix The ISS With Tape And A Spatula

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What happens when things break on The International Space Station? Learn what unusual tools astronauts have used to save the day.

Why Is The ISS So Important? -
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Astronauts Have Done So, So Much With Duct Tape And Electrical Tape
"Two types of tape are especially common in astronauts' toolboxes. The first is grey tape, which is just astronaut-lingo for duct tape. The second is Kapton tape (aka polyimide tape), which is basically electrical tape but better. You can find either type of tape for sale at hardware stores here on Earth, but the tapes that astronauts bring to space are tested extensively to ensure they don't produce any off-gases (problematic, if you're in an enclosed space), or degrade in the harsh exterior of the habitat."

International Space Station orbits the Earth for the 100,000th time
"It was 1998 when a Russian Proton rocket flew the Zarya module up to orbit, the first piece of what would become the International Space Station (ISS). Seventeen years later, after playing host to 15 and a half years of continuous human habitation for astronauts from 18 different countries, the ISS has just completed its 100,000th orbit around the Earth."

Nasa astronaut Snapchats life in space
"We get to see what the astronauts see when they look out of the window and how they deal with gravity. There are also loads of experiments taking place up there - in fact, 250 science tests happening right now."

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