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How Big Do You Think This Spacecraft Is? Guess Again...

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 Astronomy   |   Science
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Most images of spacecraft are set in space, so it can be hard to guess their size. We did some digging and the answers might surprise you.

This Is Not What Space Looks Like -
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NASA's Juno Probe Spots 'Chaotic Storms' at Jupiter's Previously-Unseen Poles
"An unmanned NASA spaceship circling Jupiter has spotted massive cyclones at the gas giant's poles, revealing stunning new details about our solar system's largest planet, researchers said Thursday."

ISS Astronauts Land Safely After Nearly 200 Days in Space
"A Russian cosmonaut and an astronaut from France returned from the International Space Station on Friday (June 2), landing with one fewer crewmate than when they left Earth six months ago."

Miniature "Chipsats" Could be the First Step to Mankind Reaching Another Star
"To reach another star system, we need a method of propulsion other than current rocket technology. One of the most promising propulsion methods that could take us to the stars is photonic propulsion, or using a big laser to propel a small reflective spacecraft that has already been launched into orbit. This is how Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner hope to reach Alpha Centauri in our lifetimes as part of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative."

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This episode of Seeker was hosted by Trace Dominguez.

Written by: Sophie Bakoledis

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