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How Bilingual Brains Perceive Time Differently

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A new study has found that what language you speak might alter your perception of time.

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Being Bilingual Can Transform the Human Brain
"More and more research indicates that learning a new language is very good for you. Yes, being able to speak the language in a foreign country is great, but the benefits go beyond that. New research from Judith F. Kroll, a cognitive scientist at Pennsylvania State University, indicates that bilingual people's brains work and process differently in fascinating ways."

The Neurons That Control Time Perception Have Been Found (in Mice)
"Neuroscientists from Portugal's Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown report in a new study in the journal Science that they have discovered neurons in the mouse brain that can be manipulated to tinker with the rodent's judgment of elapsed time."

Language shapes how the brain perceives time
"Professor Panos Athanasopoulos, a linguist from Lancaster University and Professor Emanuel Bylund, a linguist from Stellenbosch University and Stockholm University, have discovered that people who speak two languages fluently think about time differently depending on the language context in which they are estimating the duration of events."


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