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How Close Are We to Controlling Machines With Our Minds?

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From outsmarting the self check-out to providing options for patients with communication disorders, merging mind with machine could be the next frontier for humanity. How close are we to controlling machines with our minds?

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This New Mind-Controlled Robot Arm Works Without a Brain Implant
"A team from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is... creating the first noninvasive mind-controlled robot arm that exhibits the kind of smooth, continuous motion previously reserved only for systems involving brain implants - putting us one step closer to a future in which we can all use our minds to control the tech around us."

China Unveils First Chip Designed Specifically for Mind-Reading
The signals transmitted and processed by the brain are submerged in the background noise, Tianjin University researcher Ming Dong said in a press release. This BC3 [Brain-Computer Codec Chip] has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces.

Dilemmas in regulating brain-computer interface devices
"A major challenge for regulators will be to resolve issues around data and the threat of malicious hacking. Research has found that brain-computer interface devices could be vulnerable to cybercrime; termed neurocrime and brain hacking by ETH Zurich research fellow Dr Marcello Ienca and Radboud University Nijmegen associate professor Pim Haselager."


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