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How Close Are We To Space Tourism?

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Channel: Seeker
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Going to space on vacation might be a reality sooner than you think. But the question is, can you afford it?

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Will We Ever Be Able to Vacation In Space?
“How long will it be before vacation packages include a quick trip to the orbital spa? Maybe not so long, as Laura Ling explains in today’s Seeker Daily report. The concept of genuine space tourism is no longer science fiction -- in fact, several space tourists have already been up in orbit. But it’s an expensive proposition. The private space flight company Space Adventures, in collaboration with the Russian Space Agency, has flown seven tourists to the International Space Station since 2001. Tourists were taken along on regularly scheduled missions via the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Each trip cost the customer between $20 million and $40 million and lasted around 10 days.”

Jeff Bezos shows off Blue Origin’s crew capsule that could soon take tourists to space
“In a year or more — Bezos said the timing hasn’t yet been decided — his space company Blue Origin plans to begin flying tourists past the edge of space, 62 miles high, where for about four minutes they’ll experience the thrill of weightlessness and view the curvature of Earth. ‘Everybody says that when you go to space, it changes you,’ said Bezos, the founder of and the owner of the Washington Post. ‘All the astronauts come back with stories like that. It’s very emotional to see this Earth, to see the thin layer of the atmosphere.’”

Elon Musk Hails SpaceX Launch of Recycled Rocket as a Revolution in Spaceflight
“SpaceX chief Elon Musk hailed a ‘revolution in spaceflight’ on Thursday after blasting off a recycled rocket for the first time, a feat that could dramatically lower the cost of space travel. Experts cheered the launch and landing of the previously used booster as a ‘historic’ moment for spaceflight, particularly private industry, as companies like SpaceX and its competitors scramble to make space exploration cheaper and more efficient.”


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Written by: Andra Cernavskis

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