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How Do We Keep Our Bacteria From Contaminating the Galaxy?

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There are laws requiring government spacecraft to be decontaminated, but are private companies under the same regulations?

Clues to Life on Mars Could Be Found in the Driest Place on Earth -

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How NASA Prevents a Space Plague Outbreak
“Better safe than sorry, NASA figured. Here's how scientists attempted to protect our planet—and the rest of the solar system—from the threat of extraterrestrial microbes.”

Is Elon Musk even allowed to send his car to deep space?
“The US has successfully overseen the launch and licensing of commercial satellites in orbit around Earth for the last 50 years, but there’s currently no legal framework to oversee what are deemed “non-traditional” commercial space missions. These include things like sending a rover to the Moon, launching a human habitat into orbit... or sending a car to Mars.”

New Spacecraft Cleaning Method Gets Rid of Pesky “Hitchhikers”
“These “hitchhikers” are a critical concern for planetary protection—which seeks to avoid contaminating other worlds with terrestrial life as well as preventing possible alien organisms from reaching Earth on returning spacecraft.”


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