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How Is Music Stored On Vinyl Records?


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Have you ever wondered how sounds are recorded onto disks and records?

The Formula Behind Every Perfect Song ►►►

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The Written Sound
“In February 2006 a news report echoed around the internet, purporting to play back 6,500-year-old voices and other sounds from a clay pot.”

How Do Record Players Work
“The phonograph could record sound and play it back. The receiver consisted of a tin foil wrapped cylinder and a very thin membrane, called a diaphragm, attached to a needle. Sound waves were directed into the diaphragm, making it vibrate.”

Do Records Really Sound Warmer Than CDs?
“Opinions aside, what we can all agree on is that there is indeed a difference in the sound that comes from vinyl versus that of digital media, both in the way it is produced and heard.”

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