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How Many Calories are Really in Ready Meals? | Earth Lab

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Channel: BBC Earth Lab
Categories: Biology   |   Chemistry   |   Health   |   Science  
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Can you trust the makers of ready meals to put the correct calories on the labels?


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Calories are the language of many diets and healthy eating plans. But the numbers you see on the packets aren't what they seem. From the farm to the food factory, Dr Chris Van Tulleken goes in search of the truth about calories, challenging everything we thought we knew. With the help of expert nutritionists and chefs, Chris discovers that you get more calories from a well-done steak than one that's cooked rare; finds out how adding double cream can actually cut the calories in your mashed potato; and learns the kitchen secrets that strip an astonishing 360 calories out of a meal without changing a single ingredient. Forget about all those over-hyped diets - The Truth about Calories reveals you don't need to eat less if you know how to eat smarter.
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