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How Marvel's Superhero Technology Gets Designed

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Ever wondered where the ideas for the futuristic tech in the Marvel Universe come from? We went inside a visual effects studio that designs it, and uncovered the real-world science that inspires them.
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Behind the cinematic boundary between science and science fiction is a special effects team that makes the technology you see in Marvel films feel like its right on the real-life technological cusp.

From Iron Man to Black Panther, this VFX team has worked tirelessly, for more than a decade, researching and designing the technology for the characters featured in various Marvel films.

The goal? Cutting edge futuristic tech that draws the viewer in and feels real even if it isnt.

In Black Panther, the fictional metal vibranium is a wonder material of epic proportions.

Vibranium can store and release large amounts of kinetic energy its laced in clothing and powers sonic arm cannons. While vibranium doesnt actually exist, the inspiration for its design came straight from real scientific labs that are exploring acoustic levitation, ferrofluids, and cymatics.

To effectively visualize vibranium, the team poured over scientific papers and cutting edge research, like this acoustic levitation experiment from the University of Tokyo.

Learn more about how the team pushes the boundaries of science fiction in feature films and how it impacts real-world science on this episode of Focal Point.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Technology Design
In June of 2016, the team at Perception consulted with Marvel Studios to explore the different ways technology could be envisioned and impact the mythological world of Wakanda. A weeks worth of consultation expanded into 18 months of conceptualizing technological paradigms, interface design, animation, vfx, and an elaborate title sequence.

How Marvels Go-To Team Created The Futuristic Tech Of Black Panther
The team at Perception is meticulous about grounding what they conceptualize for film in nascent technology that actually exists, which made building Black Panthers Wakandathe most technologically advanced country in the worldparticularly challenging.

Watch the intricate dance of objects levitated by sound
The roughly millimeter-sized balls that perform the most impressive stunts are composed of polystyrene, but the group also tested screws, matchsticks, and other objects other researchers have successfully levitated ants and even small fish. While the sound must be extremely intense, its high frequency makes it inaudible to human ears, and levitation can open up new ways for us to manipulate objects.


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