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How Road Barriers Stopped Injuring Drivers

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Channel: Andrew Lam
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We've gotten way better at engineering and designing road barriers — often in surprising ways — to dramatically reduce driving deaths.

To understand crash costs better, NPR has a great podcast on how life is valued:

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Before I only created reviews of dash cams which are security cameras for vehicles. They help prevent scams and make it easy to get your money back from insurance or other drivers if you're not at fault. See my video here:

Now, it's my goal to delve deeper into how businesses and governments choose and use products - something few other channels cover.

It took a full month to research this video mostly using primary sources. Here are some of the most important sources I've used:
NDDOT - Guardrail Training and Information:
WDOT Cable Barriers:
FDOT - Guardrail – How it Works:
Alberta Roadside Design Guide:
NHTSA Fatality Causes:
Midwest Roadside Safety Facility: for their excellent videos on crash tests they've done
FHWA Crash Costs for Highway Safety Analysis:
Texas A&M Transporation Institute's Videos:
A comparison of freeway median crash frequency, severity, and barrier
strike outcomes by median barrier type

0:00 Driving deaths are WAY less
1:01 How barrier are rated for safety
2:37 When barriers are used or avoided
3:19 Concrete barrier engineering
4:37 Guardrail engineering
5:44 The surprising engineering connecting a concrete barrier & guardrail
6:08 Cable Barriers - All about em
6:42 Cable Barrier Controversy
8:23 Barrier Terminals - How old barriers slice you up
9:26 Newer energy absorbing terminals & how they protect you
11:00 Crash cushions - big boy units for concrete & other structures
13:16 How the government figures out how much your life and limbs are worth
13:55 What if saving your life isn't "worth it"?

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