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How Scientists See Through Walls Using Particles From Space

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 Archeology / Paleontology   |   Physics   |   Science
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A void was just discovered in Khufu’s Pyramid using muon tomography. What are these cosmic particles and how do scientists use them to see through walls?

A New Source of Fukushima Radiation Was Just Found, Now What? -

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Hidden Chamber Discovered Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
“In March 2016, Mehdi Tayoubi of the HIP Institute in Paris and his team were investigating the pyramid when they detected a previously unknown space comparable in size to the over 154-foot-long and 26-foot-tall Grand Gallery.”

Cosmic Rays Could Help Unlock the Secrets of the Pyramids
“There’s a long and colorful history of people trying to unlock the secret of how the Egyptian pyramids were built—and possibly find hidden rooms and corridors, for good measure. And now, a new international project aims to peer through the stone walls of these ancient structures, using cosmic rays.”

Cosmic Rays Originate Far Beyond the Milky Way
“Snow and a group of more than 400 scientists from 18 countries published last week their analysis of cosmic rays in the journal Science. He explained the direction of the enhanced patch is consistent with a region of galaxies that is more dense than other regions of the sky.”


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