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How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 3

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Channel: Jared Owen
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The LM ascent stage liftoff from the lunar surface to rendezvous and dock with the CSM. It was a three day journey to get back home. After reentry and splashdown, the astronauts were picked up by an aircraft carrier.

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For the curious minded:
-On LM liftoff - there were potentially several more "midcourse" correction burns to allow docking to happen (look at the first source that I posted down below).
-Before docking - the astronauts would take pictures of each others spacecraft.
-During the coast back to earth, there was sometimes a spacewalk that happened.
-Reentry had to happen at just the right angle. Too steep and they burn up, too shallow and they skip off the atmosphere (the move Apollo 13 explains this quite nicely).
-Splashdown usually occurred in the Pacific Ocean.

Stale Mate - Jingle Punks (Lunar lift-off)
Galactic Damages - Jingle Punks (Reentry)
Morning Walk - Jingle Punks (Splashdown)


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