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How The Elements Got Their Names

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Ever wonder what all those names on the periodic table actually mean?

There's a whole lot of fascinating history on Mendeleev's table. Some carry names from antiquity, some are named for people, some are named for places, and some are named for mythical beings. Discover the etymology of the elements!

If you want to know more about the love, betrayal, and drama behind the periodic table, check out Sam Kean's "The Disappearing Spoon":

Special thanks to the following for help researching this episode:

Sister Mary Virginia Orna, teacher and historian of chemistry
Mark Benvenuto, chemist at University of Detroit - Mercy
Steven Maguire, chemist at University of Ottawa


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Katie Graham - Director of Photography
Andrew Matthews - Editor and motion graphics
John Knudsen - Gaffer
Isaac Hammons - Sound

"Ouroboros" by Kevin MacLeod

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