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How To Clone A Mammoth: The Science Of De-Extinction - With Beth Shapiro

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Channel: The Royal Institution
Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Biology   |   Science   |   Technology  
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Could we bring back mammoths? Should we bring back mammoths? Beth Shapiro explains the science of de-extinction and Jurassic Park, and asks if it’s a good idea at all.
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Could extinct species, like mammoths and passenger pigeons, be brought back to life? Beth Shapiro, evolutionary biologist and pioneer in ancient DNA research, takes us through the astonishing and controversial process of de-extinction. From deciding which species should be restored, to sequencing their genomes, to anticipating how revived populations might be overseen in the wild, Shapiro explores the extraordinary cutting-edge science that is being used to resurrect the past.

Beth Shapiro is an American evolutionary molecular biologist, working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She researches mammoths, dodos, and other extinct animals using ancient DNA and statistical models, giving us a glimpse back in time.

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