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How to cook a levitating hot dog.... the Coanda effect // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

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Channel: Bruce Yeany
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Cooking a hot dog as it is floating in a stream of air is not the easiest way to demonstrate the Coanda effect but it is one more example that I find a bit more interesting than the usual floating ping pong ball or beach ball, also a bit more challenging. The hot dog is supported by the atmosphere underneath it as the airstream flowing over the top reduces the air pressure above it. For more explanation and other examples check out the other videos that I've posted on this concept.

levitating objects in a steam of air.
floating carrots.
flying baby dolls.

I have found quite a few other objects that can float in a stream of air either from compressed air or a shop vac that have not been posted. Stay tuned for further updates

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