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How to extract iron from cereal

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Channel: BBC Science Focus Magazine
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From a young age we are taught that iron is a nutrient that makes us strong. It is a vital component of haemoglobin, which is the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen.

Since the 1940s, breakfast cereals have been fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals, and today they represent one of the key ways that children meet their daily iron requirements. This is especially true for youngsters who otherwise have an unvaried and nutrient-poor diet.

Unlike iron that occurs naturally in meat and veg, the iron in cereals is added as a powder during production. Few people realise that it looks just like iron filings. Get hold of the strongest magnet you can find, then extract the iron from your cereal to see it with your own eyes.

For full instructions and safety notes follow this link:

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