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How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

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Channel: Topic Simple
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A fun way to learn about growing potatoes in a bucket!

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Growing Potatoes in a Bucket in 10 Steps:

1. Get a bucket. Put some holes on or near the bottom for drainage. You could even put some small rocks in the bottom for drainage too.

2. Get a potato or two. Those from the grocery store may not be ideal, so its best to get SEED potatoes from a garden store.

3. Your potato needs eyes. Leave it out for a few days in sunlight if they haven't started growing.

4. Fill your bucket with 4-6 (10- 15 cm) inches of good soil. Push the potato into the soil. Add another 2 (5 cm) inches of soil on top.

5. Water the soil. Keep it moist but not too moist throughout the process.

6. Put your bucket outside where the sun is.

7. Wait.

8. The eyes of the potatoes will soon grow stems and leaves and poke out.

9. When the leaves have grown 6 inches or so higher than the soil, add more soil to the bucket. Repeat this as the plant grows until you get to the top. Be careful not to damage the leaves or cover them bury them completely!

10. The leaves will eventually turn brown. When this happens, wait a few extra weeks (as they are still growing), then go get your potatoes!

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