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How to live without a heart or a brain - Lessons from a Jellyfish

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The jellyfish is one weird sea animal. What makes it even weirder is that it doesnt have a brain or a heart. Though it doesnt have a brain, it does have a nervous system in the form of nerve nets and some have a structure called a nerve ring. This allows the jellyfish to reflexively respond to its surroundings. Some jellyfish like box jellyfish even have structures similar to a human eye that can see in 3-D images located inside the edge of their bell.

The jellyfish also dont have a heart and neither do they need it. In animals with a heart, the heart functions to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. For the jellyfish, oxygen simply diffuses from the water into their cells. Similarly with food, the jellyfish has a rudimentary stomach, called the gastroventricular cavity where food is digested and nutrients are directly absorbed into the jellyfish.

*Nature or evolution arent conscious decision makers, designing life as they see fit. Evolution is a phenomenon where random genetic mutations create changes in traits over many generations.


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