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How to unclog a bathtub drain.

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Channel: Dad, how do I?
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How to unclog a bathtub drain.
The tool in my video is called a "Tub Drain Wrench" (imagine that). :0)
It costs around $10 or $11.
The Plastic "Zip tie" is called a "Hair Snake" and costs @$3.

Credit goes to Mark Baker for reminding me to tell you "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty".
It's a good way to remember things are threaded so when you turn left you are loosening,
when you turn right you are tightening.
He also mentioned the "zip tie" for removing hair from clogs.

Reviyee pointed out that I am calling it a nut in the video, which is misleading (thanks for pointing that out). It looks like a nut from the top, but is actually a bolt with a hole in it (so it is larger than a nut). The pipe right below the drain should have a bend in it, so if you do accidentally drop something in the hole you should be able to fish it out. :0)

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