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How Your Heart Actually Controls Your Emotions

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It turns out that your heart does a lot more than just pump blood. Check out this video to see how it can actually affect your emotions.

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Half a Heartbeat Changes Our Response to Scary Images
"The idea is an extension of what is known as embodied cognition - that our bodies can drive our thoughts. Good examples of the concept come from studies showing that people asked to do a task in a slouching position felt less proud and in a worse mood than those sitting up straight, said Sarah Garfinkel, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, speaking at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness conference in Brighton, UK, last week."

How Your Heartbeat May Trick Your Senses
"The brain masks the sensation of the heart in a delicate balancing act-we need to be able to feel our pulse racing occasionally as an important signal of fear or excitement, but most of the time the constant rhythm would be distracting or maddening. A growing body of research suggests that because of the way the brain compensates for our heartbeat, it may be vulnerable to perceptual illusions-if they are timed just right."

On the Origin of Interoception
"Many aspects can make any particular interoceptive sensation unique and distinct from any other interoceptive sensation. This can range from the sense of agency, to the physical cause of a sensation, the ontogenetic origin, the efferent innervation, and afferent pathways of the tissue involved amongst others. In its overarching meaning, interoception primarily is a product of the central nervous system, a construct based on an integration of various sources, not per se including afferent information."


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Written By: Sapna Parikh

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