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How Your Invisible Exposome Cloud Could Be Messing With Your Health

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Microscopic bits can hitch a ride on your clothes, find their way into your body, and impact your personal health. They’re part of your exposome—and everyone has one.

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Take a Deep Breath and Say Hi to Your Exposome
“In the past few decades, researchers have opened up the extraordinary world of microbes living on and within the human body, linking their influence to everything from rheumatoid arthritis to healthy brain function. Yet we know comparatively little about the rich broth of microbes and chemicals in the air around us, even though we inhale them with every breath.”

What Makes Rain Smell So Good?
“A mixture of plant oils, bacterial spores and ozone is responsible for the powerful scent of fresh rain.”

Invisible Swarms of Particles Envelop Us All. Come Have a Look
“Prior exposome research has involved placing stationary air monitors in places people frequent, like houses and subway stations and busy intersections. Snyder's gadget inverts the sampling process by making the monitor simultaneously mobile and highly personal.”

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