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I Didn't Like Who My Dad Really Was

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By Elijah | Subscribe: |

Before Elijah was born, his parents didn't have the best lifestyle. But when Elijah's mom found out she was pregnant, she decided to make a change. She cut out all of her bad habits and got a job so she could provide for her family. However, Elijah's father didn't make the same changes. As a result, Elijah's mom would get mad at his dad for not taking better care of himself. They would argue all the time, and Elijah's father didn't pay any bills.

When Elijah was born, things only got worse. Elijah's dad informed his mom that they had lost their house. This led to more arguing between Elijah's parents, and they eventually separated. Then, in 2009, Elijah's father went to prison, and Elijah was forced to grow up without his dad.

After years of not being with his dad, Elijah's father was eventually released from jail when Elijah was in 5th grade. Elijah began going to his dad's house and reconnecting with his father. After only a few days of being out of prison, Elijah's father married a new woman, which really bothered Elijah. He felt uncomfortable going to his dad's house and being around strangers.

When Elijah was growing up without his father, he really missed his dad. But after he was released from prison, Elijah felt like his dad started to show his true colors. His dad started having marital problems with his new wife, and they would argue whenever Elijah went to visit them. Then, Elijah's father ended up divorcing his second wife, which was shocking to Elijah.

But within only a few days, Elijah's father got married for the third time - now to a woman with kids. Whenever Elijah would visit his dad, he felt ignored. His father began fighting with his stepmom - yet again - and Elijah was often put in the middle of their argument.

After years of dealing with everything, Elijah decided to stop going to his father's house. As painful as it was for him to accept, Elijah had to say to himself, "I Didn't Like Who My Dad Really Was." He didn't respect the choices his own father was making, so Elijah had to make the incredibly difficult decision to separate himself from a toxic situation.

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