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I Lost My Best Friend Over Drama At The Halloween Dance

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By August | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: | Subscribe: | Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story.

August and Kendall had been best friends since they were just little kids, since they first met in third grade. They did everything together, spent all their time together, and shared most of the same friends together. But everyone knew that the two of them were best friends.

There was never any drama, at home or at school, and they kept this best friendship going through fourth, fifth, and then into sixth grade. From Halloween to other holidays, it was always the two of them.

After they had started in on sixth grade, the middle school announced that there was going to be a Halloween Dance. Everyone was so excited, planning their costumes and creating fun drama about who was going to dance with who and who had a crush and all of that.

It was even more fun at their school because leading up to Halloween they had spirit week, where everyone would dress up in costumes with a different theme each day, like Tacky Tuesday and Wacky Wednesday. It was tons of fun every year and it made Halloween more fun too.

But, for some reason, spirit week in sixth grade was full of drama - Kendall was acting like she was mad at August. She spent the week giving August dirty looks and gossiping about her to their group of friends, and August had no idea why so she just tried to ignore it and stay out of the drama and in the spirit of Halloween.

After a whole week of that she finally asked their shared good friend Alexa about it, to see if she knew why Kendall was acting so mad at her. But Alexa told her she had no idea what was going on and just not to worry about it, so that's what August tried to do.

The Halloween Dance arrives and August is dressed up and having a great time, dancing, and doing all her favorite dance moves. Dancing with all her friends and being caught up in the Halloween spirit made her super tired and thirsty, so she took a break to sit on the sidelines and catch her breath.

Suddenly Chase (Kendall's other really good friend) and Kendall come over and Chase just starts yelling and screaming at August and telling her that she is a mean, and how could she, and then Kendall bursts into tears. August was so confused and had no idea what they were talking about. There as a BIG misunderstanding.

Finally, with Kendall just crying, Chase said "you are the worst friend ever and we don't want you to be our friend anymore!" August had no idea what she had done, and she asked, but it was all just drama at that point. It was so sad, and confusing, and August just burst into tears and started crying, and then Kendall started crying, and even Chase got into it and cried.

Then it felt like the whole school there, at the dance, chose a side. There was team Kendall and team August, and it just got way out of hand. August thought it would all just smooth over, but even after two weeks they still hadn't spoken and the whole school was still talking about it and making up stories.

August felt so alone. When she lost her best friend she also lost a bunch of other close friends who ended up taking sides. All August could think was "I lost my best friend and I still don't know why."

Now they're in eighth grade, and ever since then Halloween has just lost some of its fun spirit. And, she and Kendall still don't talk to each other - just like that, they both lost their best friends.

But, ultimately it's all okay. August has a great group of friends who will support her through anything and everything, and, they talk and share their feelings and try to fix things before they every get to the point they did with August and Kendall.

- - -

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