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I Never Thought This Would Happen To My Family

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By Maci | Subscribe: |

One Sunday night, Maci and her family were at church. Her dad wasn't with them, though, because he was a police officer who sometimes worked at night.

As she was at church, Maci found out heartbreaking news about her good friend Ryder. Ryder's dad had lung cancer, and Ryder was struggling with the reality that his dad might not be around much longer. Maci felt so badly for Ryder and his family, and she couldn't imagine what it would feel like to lose her own father.

After she got home from church, Maci decided to head to bed. However, she was woken up later that night to sounds coming from downstairs. She decided to get out of bed and find out what was going on, and she found her mom talking to a police officer at the front door. Her mom seemed to be really upset. Then, Maci heard people crying in the living room. When she went into the room, she saw her aunt and two sisters crying together. At that point, Maci knew something had to be terribly wrong.

Soon after, Maci found out why everyone in her house was so upset - her father had been shot. Maci was in complete disbelief. She thought to herself, "I never thought this would happen to my family." While she heard about police officers getting injured on the news, she never thought her dad would ever get hurt on the job.

Later that night, Maci and her family received positive news - her father was going to live, but he would have to have a major surgery at the hospital. At that point, Maci didn't know if her father would ever walk again, which was extremely scary for her.

Maci and her family began to pray, and they waited hours for an update. When the phone finally rang, they anxiously listened for some news. Thankfully, the doctors told them that Maci's dad was going to be okay and that he was extremely lucky. Maci was ecstatic when she heard the news.

Now, Maci's dad is back at work, and he's about to get a new dog. While it was an incredibly scary experience for Maci and her whole family, they all feel so lucky and grateful that Maci's father was okay.

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